Join Melbourne's first and largest chain of pole dancing schools!

Pole Divas has been offering pole, exotic & dance classes to the women of Melbourne since 2004. We offer something for everyone, from women who have never tried pole dancing to those that perform and compete! Pole dancing classes provide a full body workout, cardio and strengthening, plus you get to do all this wearing stilettos if you choose to! At Pole Divas we know that anyone can pole dance and we want every student to be able to Unleash their Inhibitions in our classes. Get fit, have fun and make friends at Pole Divas!

Pole Dancing for fitness and fun

  • It's fitness like you've never experienced! Pole dancing is a unique mix of cardio, strengthening and functional training designed to give you incredible results
  • Functional Training: All our classes involve a high intensity cardio warm up, with dynamic stretches and plyometric style exercises to kick start your metabolism
  • Strength/Resistance Training: Learning to lift your body weight in different ways on and off the pole is intense form of strength training. Engaging your core, back and upper body to hold your weight off the pole means you will focus on compound muscle groups and get fit and toned faster.
  • Dynamic Stretching: Our pole dancing classes always start and end with dynamic stretches to help recovery and flexibility
  • Active Recovery: Even when you're not holding your weight on the pole, you are dancing around it! Pole dancing classes are a great all over body conditioning workout.
  • Last but not least, FUN! Learning to pole dance is one of the most fun ways to get fit and the sense of achievement when you nail a new trick or move is addictive
We believe that the art of pole dancing is something best suited to adults so we ask that all Pole Divas are over 18 years of age.

Poles, Studios, Events and more!

We pride ourselves on our studios and our women only environment, Pole Divas really is a place to Unleash your Inhibitions! We have created amazing spaces that are beautifully lit to create a comfortable, sexy and feminine environment…no stark white lights to be found! All of our studios offer Competition Grade static and spin X-Poles, and are some of the highest in the country. Pole Divas is also proud to host some of Australia's top events, including amateur, semi-pro and professional level competitions


  • Unleashed: Our famous amateur student competition held each year to celebrate our students. We now run Pole and Aerial editions of this event
  • Open Pole Nights: Held each term to showcase our fabulous students and what they've learnt in the past term
  • Miss Pole Dance Victoria: We have also presented the state finals of this nationwide competition in previous years.
  • Pole & Aerial Rising Stars: Australia's only national amateur competition, aimed at giving the up and coming talent of Australia the chance to perform on stage at All Stars
  • Pole & Aerial All Stars: Australia's most elite and high profile artists are invited to compete at this world renown event. Only the brightest stars compete to be crowned an All Star!