Pole Divas Pole Dancing Schools

The Past

Pole Divas was founded by Kennetta Hutchens in 2004. Kennetta had been involved in the exotic dance industry for over ten years prior to opening Pole Divas. She started as a dancer, had her own agency and worked as Entertainment Manager & Partner of one of Melbourne’s leading dance clubs. This background lead Kennetta to realize that as well as having physical benefits, pole dancing also helped women feel empowered and more confident...and so Pole Divas was born! Pole Divas opened as the first pole dancing school in Melbourne, only the second in Australia and so our courses, classes and syllabus were some of the first to ever be created!

The Present

Pole Divas currently operates 5 locations across Melbourne as well Aerial Divas, the world's first dedicated aerial hoop studio. Pole Divas is proud to welcome over 1000 Pole Divas to our studios each year and welcome back the many friendly faces of our current students each term! Our studios grow every year and are passionate about continuing to stay at the top of our industry. Our studios feature the latest in pole and aerial fitness technology and enjoyed by women from all walks of life. Our dedicated Pole Divas Instructors are also some of the best the world has to offer, with many of them winning Australian and International Competition titles as well being in demand to teach guest workshops overseas.

The Future

At Pole Divas we’re Addicted to Pole and so are our students…perhaps that’s why we see more and more students on our poles every year! Our network of studios makes us Melbourne’s largest chain of pole dancing schools and we are still rapidly expanding. As interest grows for pole dancing as an exercise and dance form in its own right, we find ourselves welcoming more and more students…and we love it! What’s more, once you come to Pole Divas we know you’ll be Addicted to Pole for life! Pole Divas is dedicated to staying ahead and is constantly exploring new ways to expand our network.