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Following the enormous success of the first Pole Divas studio, Pole Divas now operates successful franchises in Richmond, Prahran, Moonee Ponds, Mornington & Caroline Springs. We are are proud of our tried and tested business model and its incredible success across Australia, it's a great time to become part of the Pole Divas Franchise team! Pole Divas pole dancing franchises are available now and we are looking for motivated, inspired women to help lead Pole Divas into the future! We offer our franchisees:

  • Fully choreographed and specifically designed pole dancing courses, casual classes and workshops
  • A highly recognized brand in pole dancing and fitness in Australia, with national & international exposure
  • Studio designs that rival any other pole dancing school anywhere in the world!
  • Join a group of existing studios that are already operating at capacity
  • Extensive induction & training programs
  • Ongoing professional, technical and dance support
  • Merchandise and branded dance apparel from our studio shops that you’ll struggle to keep on the shelves!
  • Exposure on our fantastic website, in eNewsletters and in constant News and Events updates
  • Exposure on our highly visited social media pages with a reach of over 200,000 fans
  • Fabulous function packages designed to cater for any kind of special event, both in our studios and outside them
  • By far the most fun & sexy female only franchise in Australia…

Anyone looking to join the Pole Divas Franchise team should possess:

  • A passion for pole dancing
  • Determination to own and operate your own franchise
  • Prior dance/fitness history
  • A Commitment for a minimum of 5 years
  • Previous business skills (Preferred but not Essential)
  • Sales, people and leadership skills
  • Access to Finance

We also take into account your lifestyle, hobbies & interests, employment history, dance/fitness history and your health and fitness values. Please note that we will background check your financial history and your employment history.


Kennetta Hutchens is the founder and franchisor of Pole Divas; one of the most internationally recognised and respected names in the pole dance industry. After the success of her first studio opening in 2004, Kennetta channelled her drive and focus into creating a franchise model which encompasses all aspects of commercial success and professionalism. The result has been the creation of four successful franchises and one company studio under the iconic brand that is Pole Divas.

In 2011, Kennetta once again pioneered a new fitness revolution, with the launch of Aerial Divas; the world's first dedicated aerial hoop studio. Today, two Pole Divas locations boast beautiful Aerial Divas studios where each student has their very own apparatus; which had not previously been offered in the aerial industry.

Kennetta is recognised as a successful event producer; beginning with Pole Divas first amateur competition ‘Unleashed’ in 2005, expanding to ‘Miss Pole Dance Victoria’ from 2005-2012 in which the event evolved from being hosted in nightclubs to an 800 seat theatre. Kennetta currently produces Aerial All Stars, a two night pole and circus art competition spectacular which is the first of its kind in Australia as well as Unleashed, Aerial Unleashed & FRISK - A Sexy Pole Dance Competition!

Her commitment to the continual development of the industry through support, passion and business knowledge is renowned and has proven Kennetta a pioneer and leader in the Pole Dancing industry.

Kennetta is now turning her energies to the industry she feels so passionately about, by speaking at industry events on topics such as industry growth, branding & systems, and running competitions, as well as offering business coaching to other studio owners.  In 2013 she spoke about business systems and marketing at the International Pole Championships held in Singapore. Kennetta was also a keynote speaker at the inaugural 2015 Pole Studio Owners Conference held in Coolangatta!

In 2016, Kennetta was announced as the #1 Most Influential Pole Business Owner by the Australian Pole Dancers Magazine, they said, "...the Top 10 have made a big impact on the Australian pole world in the past year!".

Kennetta was announced #1 Most Influential Pole Business Owner of 2015 by the Australian Pole Dancers Magazine. Click here to read the article.

“I have continued to work towards the ongoing success of the pole & aerial industry through my dedication to high standards of studios, instructors, training and competitions.
I am extremely proud of the amazing event that Rising & Aerial All Stars was, for both competitors, performers, sponsors and public alike. Pole & Aerial Divas continued to grow in 2015 taking on more instructors and staff and making pole more accessible to many more students! We also introduced new training initiatives for both new and existing instructors to ensure our ongoing consistent high standard.
I have enjoyed getting more involved with pole studio owners across Australia, the highlight was being the keynote speaker at the Pole Studio Owners Conference where I discussed the growth of the industry so far, and strategies for establishing ourselves as a part of the fitness industry in the future.”




"I started Pole Dancing at Pole Divas in 2005 and instantly fell in love. It was not just the dancing I loved, it was the whole concept of Pole Divas. Working in the fitness industry and being an aerobics instructor at the time, I knew this was my next step in life so it did not take me long to contact Kennetta and open my own Franchise...by 2006 Pole Divas Mornington was born!

Being the first franchise owner it was a bit daunting, but the process was smooth and fast to say the least. Kennetta worked closely with me to help it get off the ground and her passion for the brand gives you confidence to know you will never be alone. It's always about Pole Divas as team and we succeed as a team. Each time a new Franchisee comes on board we all get excited to have a new business partner to bounce ideas off and make our brand even more successful.

Everyday I walk into work, I smile that I have my very own successful business within one of the biggest pole dancing brands. It can’t get much better than that!”

Davina Currie, Pole & Aerial Divas Mornington Owner & Franchisee since 2006

"I started pole dancing at the Prahran studio back in 2005 and was lucky enough to become an instructor there a few years later. After seeing the incredible effects pole dancing had on my students’ confidence and self-esteem I realised that Pole Divas didn’t just offer physical fitness, but also a mental challenge and an opportunity for women to express themselves in a supportive and welcoming environment.

I wanted to provide this experience for women in the western suburbs and there was no doubt that Pole Divas was the way to do it. I loved the style and vibe of the classes and wanted to stay part of what I believe is the leading brand of pole fitness in Australia. Seven years later I can confidently say it was the best decision I ever made!"

Tania Fletcher, Pole Divas Moonee Ponds Owner & Franchisee since 2009


'I started Pole Dancing in 2014, becoming a Desk Diva in 2015. I loved watching students walk through the door, find confidence and strength whilst being supported by the incredible Pole Divas community.

In 2017 I was given the opportunity to purchase an existing franchise, Pole Divas Prahran. Being familiar with the brand and it’s reputation, it was incredible opportunity. The amount of support Head Office provides on a daily basis is fantastic. The other Owners were welcoming and friendly! I get to go to my studio everyday knowing that I get to be involved in one of the most well-known Australian Pole Dancing brands all while running my own business.'

Seren Murrell, Pole Divas Prahran Owner & Franchisee since 2017

"From my very first beginners course, I knew I wanted to own a Pole Divas studio. I remember reading the teacher bios on the Pole Divas website and reading that my instructor, Tania Fletcher, was a studio owner. I was so inspired that such a young woman could own such a professional, beautiful and friendly studio. I was keen to do the same.

As time went on, my passion only developed further. I loved everything about Pole Divas; the people, the curriculum and the positive benefits it had on my physical and mental health.

In January 2016, Pole Divas Caroline Springs opened, and it is definitely my favourite place in the world! I feel so lucky to spend my days and nights helping women achieve their fitness goals, and feel confident and comfortable about themselves and their bodies in the process. I also get to work with the most amazing people, from my very own staff to all of the franchisees, the director of training and of course Kennetta Hutchens, the franchisor. All of whom have helped me whenever required, at every step along the way."

Kristy Lee, Pole Divas Caroline Springs Owner & Franchisee since September 2015

 TRAINING DIRECTOR - Philippa Rasidi

I am passionate about the pole industry, the quality of instructors and the health and fitness benefits for the minds and bodies of the men and women I teach. This passion led me to take on the Training Director role at Pole Divas looking to ensure the safest and most skilled instructors are available to the students. After 7 years in the pole industry from student to teacher and international competitor, I have been taught by some of the best teachers and pole dancers in the world and am excited to teach, coach and mentor others on their pole journey whether that be to compete, get fit or love their body.

As Pole Divas expands and evolves, and as leaders in the Australian pole community, the Director of Training role is pivotal in ensuring the Pole Divas instructors have the best possible training opportunities available to them. Our structured syllabus in both static pole, spin pole and hoop requires the need for regular training throughout the year taken by the level coordinator. Giving creative license and responsibility to our instructors not only benefits their professional growth but also ensures there is consistency of teaching and quality control across all of our franchises. Being able to adapt level content to keep up with the ever changing pole community while maintaining smooth progression for students as they climb the levels is how we have created a system that encourages individual dance style, promotes health and fitness and builds body confidence and self esteem.

The Pole Divas team attend development days to stay connected as we grow and are provided with specialized training sessions to teach new workshops, casual classes and syllabus levels. Instructors are therefore equipped to do the best job possible in a class environment and also inspired to take the stage and represent Pole Divas in the country’s most prestigious competitions!


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