Aerial Divas Classes

At Aerial Divas we have a range of aerial hoop & circus fitness classes for you to choose from. Ranging from absolute beginners looking for an introductory class, to current pole dancing or aerial hoop students looking to expand their repertoire or increase strength & flexibility. Each class has been designed to give you a great full body workout, whilst teaching you new aerial tricks, strength combinations and aerial flexibility.

  • Casual Classes: Attended on a casual basis, these classes are developed to get results faster. Aerial Power will help develop strength to get you fit for the hoop. Hoopsations is an introductory class perfect for students who have never tried aerial hoop before.
  • Courses: Aerial Divas offer 8 & 4 courses to develop your skills. Learn new tricks and combinations each week and put them together in fun dance routines. Our courses are the best way to get results as they build on your strengths each week. Aerial Divas offers aerial hoop courses for beginners to advanced level aerialist, plus shorter courses in acrobatics.
  • Workshops: This is your time to expand your aerial fitness and circus skills repertoire! Try hula hoops, acrobatics and more in our fun Aerial Divas workshops!Workshops can be based on the hoop or may be based on our mats.
  • What to wear to Aerial Divas classes: If you are attending a class, course or workshop in our Aerial Divas studio we suggest you wear leggings and a singlet. Leg warmers can be a great idea to help protect the area behind your knee as this is used frequently to grip the hoop. You will also need to bring shoes are required. If you want to look like a true Aerial Diva then you can purchase our branded clothing in our studio shop.