Aerial Divas Courses

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Beginners Lyra

Learn how to activate your core and build the strength you’ll need to get up and into the hoop! This course teaches you a mix of spins and poses under the hoop with a big strength component for your upper body and abs, plus all over body flexibility and coordination. You will develop aerial sequences moving towards holding yourself up in this amazing apparatus for minutes at a time!

Intermediate 1 Lyra

This course will introduce you to spinning hoop poses as well as new mounts and more poses inside the hoop. Build on your upper body and abdominal strength in the hoop plus develop your all over body flexibility and coordination with our specially designed Pilates-based conditioning as part of your class.

Intermediate 2 Lyra

Work on your fluidity and lines as you piece together beautiful aerial combinations! This course will teach you to maintain spin whilst executing longer sequences. Continue to develop your upper body and core strength as you expand your technical ability. Learn to use the balance points of your body for impressive poses!

Intermediate 3 Lyra

Now you're really getting the hang of it! This course focuses on aerial combinations and endurance, plus there will still be exciting new tricks each in class! Learn a different dance routine each week to build stamina and work on your form in the air. This is a consolidation level - the focus is on gaining stamina and endurance as well as learning new connections and sequences using all the skills you've learnt so far.

Advanced 1 Lyra

This advanced level course offers a unique performance based structure, focusing on precision in transitions, spin connections, floor based dance and exciting new skills on top of the hoop. Students build their new and existing skills into individual performances by the final week!

Advanced 2 Lyra

Spectacular new tricks and aerial combinations put into a challenging gravity defying choreographed routine. Emphasis is put on making it all look easy with seemingly effortless and smooth transitions from trick to trick, and sultry dance moves.

Advanced 3 Lyra

Our highest level of aerial hoop focuses on large aerial combos, combining drops and spins. This course will build on your strength and endurance whilst teaching new transitions in and out of aerial combinations. Develop hoop performance, working on a 4 minute routine.

Acro For Everyone

This 8 week course is based on our super popular 2 hour workshop. Acro for Everyone is for everyone, whether you are a Pole or an Aerial Diva...or both! Ever wanted to put some more exciting tricks into your floor work? Then this course is for you! Spend more time learning awesome acro tricks and moves. Great to adapt for transitions between poles in a routine or just to master some acrobatics. Why walk when you can roll, turn, flip, cartwheel or walkover? You'll learn awesome floor work and sequences of moves to create a routine that you'll work on.

Hula Hoop

Improve your coordination and your six pack simultaneously in this brand new 8 week hula hoop course with Hanne! Practicing rotations on all different parts of the body throughout the course as well as learning new tricks, rolls and throws every week! Show off your new skill set (and core!) in week six by learning a fun hula hoop routine jam packed full of your new tricks. Open to all levels.



Use this 8 week course as your starting platform with Contortion. Split into two sections, the first half of the class involves deep partner stretching – helping you reach into positions you cannot get to yourself. The second half is filled with learning contortion tricks such as chest stands, bridge variations, elbow and handstands and walkovers before finishing off with conditioning for back and abdominal strength. Prerequisites - students must be able to touch toes, have almost a flat split, and be able to hold a back bridge.


 Aerial Showtime

This 8 week aerial performance course is perfect for students of ALL levels wanting to develop their inner performer and become more confident with technique, fluidity and stamina. Each term has its own fun theme which is used by you to draw inspiration from and work towards performing a group routine as well as a solo routine choreographed by you.  Whether you’re looking to enter Aerial Unleashed or just wanting to have fun with your own choreography, Aerial Showtime is the course for you!