Aerial Divas Casual Classes & Privates

Lyra Basics

This is your introduction to aerial hoop in our introductory casual class. Lyra Basics is perfect for beginners and covers basic strengthening and Pilates to help you achieve your Lyra goals! You will learn 2 or 3 lyra skills in each class and put them together in combinations with a different routine each week. This is a great class to get you introduced to lyra and learn all the basics you need to become an Aerial Diva!

Aerial Power

Aerial Power is the perfect complement to your Aerial Hoop course. This strength & conditioning class will assist you with lifts, spins and mounts essential to your Aerial Hoop course and will improve your core strength, stability and control. Includes a short dance routine, suitable for all levels.

Fly Gym

Pole & Aerial Divas take on aerial yoga! The comfort and support of the Fly Gym allows you to relax into deeper, supported stretches that will assist you with your active flexibility training. The Fly Gym is a versatile apparatus that will give you a full body workout! It is perfect for strengthening your core and upper body and compliments your pole or hoop training perfectly! Your instructor will take you through a range of specialised stretches that utilise the Fly Gym in a totally unique way!

The class gives you a whole body stretch so whether your training to get those splits or improve your back flex, this is the class for you! As well as working on improving strength and flexibility you will learn some fun inversions, other aerial yoga poses and even flips! Finish it all off with a ‘zenned’ out cocoon and you will walk away on cloud 9

Open Private

Spend time honing the skills you need to smash your Lyra goals! Train tricks or combos of your choice in an intimate class with a pole divas instructor there to guide you through every step of the way! If you need extra help with those nemesis tricks in your level this casual class is for you. Your instructor will warm up the class and assist you with whatever you need to work on to become the best Pole Divas you can be. Only open to COURSE students.