Pole Divas offers you a range of pole and dance classes to help you get fit, have fun and make friends! From absolute beginners looking for an introductory class, to current pole dancing students looking to gain strength, flexibility or learn form our Internationally acclaimed instructors...we have a class suitable for you! Our classes give you an incredible full body workout and help you master show stopping tricks on the pole. We want you to feel totally comfortable in our studios and even if you are a little (or a lot) nervous the first time, we know that once you have tried a class you'll be Addicted to Pole!

Our studios are also proud to offer other dance style classes, both on and off the pole, plus Fly Gym aerial fitness classes and Aerial Divas aerial hoop classes (both at selected locations).

  • Courses: Learn how to pole dance in one of our 8 week syllabus courses! Each week you'll learn new tricks and routines to help you become the best Pole Diva you can be. We also offer 4 week dance courses as well!
  • Casual Classes: Classes can be attended on a casual basis and are a great supplement to your 8 week course. Casual Classes focus on specific areas to improve your pole such as strengthening or flexibility, plus current students get a discount! 
  • Workshops: We offer pole and exotic dance courses to give you extra time both on and off the pole. Look out for workshops to help you learn pole dance styles you can't find anywhere else!