A fun and often sexy class focusing on dancing around and with the pole, rather than performing tricks. The focus is on breaking down dance moves and flow, and putting it all together into a full routine. Amazing for any level – brand newbies to elite! Lose yourself in the music, free your mind and dance! Suitable for all levels!



Pole Conditioning is the perfect way to get fit, strong and conditioned for pole dancing ….. and life! This intensive class is an invaluable part of any pole dancing regime. This intensive sports specific workout includes strength training for upper and lower body, isometric exercises, stability training and core strengthening plus a fun dance routine. Suitable for all levels!


Core Power is an intensive core strengthening class for all levels, focusing on abdominal, trunk & core strength including obliques, glutes and the back muscles using a variety of exercises. Use the pole for strengthening exercises and also work on core strength through balancing off the pole. Ideal for strengthening the core to benefit both pole and hoop courses. Core Power is a great complement for our flexibility classes.



Flex and Flow is a stretching class that will help improve your pole dancing lines, extensions, fluidity and transitions between tricks. This class starts with a light warm up and a range of stretches that flow together. Emphasis is put on correct technique when pointing toes, extending the legs and engaging muscle areas. Learn a fluid routine in this class that changes each time to keep you on your toes...literally! Suitable for all pole dancing levels

Flex and Flow is available on spin & static pole. Suitable for all levels.



Pole & Aerial Divas take on aerial yoga! The comfort and support of the Fly Gym allows you to relax into deeper, supported stretches that will assist you with your active flexibility training. The Fly Gym is a versatile apparatus that will give you a full body workout! It is perfect for strengthening your core and upper body and compliments your pole or hoop training perfectly! Your instructor will take you through a range of specialised stretches that utilise the Fly Gym in a totally unique way!

The class gives you a whole body stretch so whether your training to get those splits or improve your back flex, this is the class for you! As well as working on improving strength and flexibility you will learn some fun inversions, other aerial yoga poses and even flips! Finish it all off with a ‘zenned’ out cocoon and you will walk away on cloud 9,

Suitable for all levels!



A more intense, specialised stretch & conditioning class to work deep into the main muscle groups, work all the little muscles in between to enhance the overall range in flexibility. Stretches are held for longer to reach extra depth with an emphasis on breathing to get length without bulking. This class will focus on hips and hamstrings in particular, leg placement and alignment for maximum results in pole dancing as well as body awareness to benefit every day life.



Spend time honing the skills you need to smash your Pole goals! Train tricks or combos of your choice in an intimate class with a pole divas instructor there to guide you through every step of the way! If you need extra help with those nemesis tricks in your level this casual class is for you. Your instructor will warm up the class and assist you with whatever you need to work on to become the best Pole Divas you can be. Only open to COURSE students.


Dance Conditioning

Get an intense workout in this casual class with dance drills aimed to improve your strength, active flexibility and technique while we train the 'dance' element of Pole!
Improve your stamina and lines to take your pole dancing to the next level. Dance your cardio as you work towards getting those pointed toes, strong ankles and straight legs you know you want!