Private Tuition

Highly recommend as the best way to learn the art of pole dancing. Fast track your skills with personalized attention programmed to your specific level and goals. Can also be an excellent way for pole course students to help keep up with some of the more challenging moves! This is a great way to perfect competition routines and get help and advice from our instructors. Exotic dance and dance private tuition also available upon request

$120 per hour (up to 3 students)
3-PACK SPECIAL: 3 x 1hr sessions $300 Save $60!

$35 per student (4 or more students)



Spend time honing the skills you need to smash your Pole goals! Train tricks or combos of your choice in an intimate class with a pole divas instructor there to guide you through every step of the way! If you need extra help with those nemesis tricks in your level this casual class is for you. Your instructor will warm up the class and assist you with whatever you need to work on to become the best Pole Divas you can be. Only open to COURSE students.

$25 for course students only