What to Wear

Our main priority is that feel good in our classes, so please wear clothes you feel comfortable in!

  • For classes that include pole work we suggest you wear a t-shirt or singlet and shorts.  We understand that sometimes shorts can be confronting, but you really do use the skin on your thighs to grip the pole so wearing tights or leggings can be frustrating.  Don't worry...all our studios are beautifully lit so you won't be under any stark white lights!
  • It's fine for you to wear loose pants or leggings over your shorts at the start of the class and for warm up, a baggy top or jumper will also help you warm up faster and be able to grip the pole better.
  • We would love for you to bring along a pair of high heeled shoes for your class, but these are not compulsory...they just help you feel extra sexy!  If you are nervous about wearing heels then why not bring along a pair and see how you feel during the class. Please note you do not need to bring heels to our casual classes except to Polesations.
  • Please remove all rings, bangles, belt buckles and earrings before class to avoid damaging them. Please make sure you do not put any moisturizer or oils on prior to a class as that will make the poles slippery and could cause injury.
  • For dance and non-pole classes (including Fly Gym) you can simply wear what you would to a yoga or Pilates class. If you need to bring anything else, we will let you know when you book in.
We offer an exclusive range of Pole Divas merchandise for all your dancing needs in our studio stores. They stock shorts, hotpant, singlets, leg warmers and much more! You can also purchase pole dancing shoes and boots from us.

If you have any concerns about existing injuries or medical conditions that may affect your ability to pole dance safely, we recommend you go to your GP for advice first. Pole Divas do not advise pregnant women to pole dance. Anyone who is pregnant and wishes to participate must bring in a letter from their GP saying it is safe to do so.