Mornington Instructors

Davina Currie (Owner)

Davina has been involved in the fitness industry since 2001, during which time she has qualified as an aerobics instructor, completed her Certificate 3 in Fitness, as well as becoming a Gym Manager. Davina always has up to date first aid qualifications. A graduate at Pole Divas Prahran, Davina opened the Mornington studio in June 2006 to spread the word and convey the energy to a wider audience across the Mornington Peninsula and southern suburbs of Melbourne.
She brings to her franchise at Pole Divas Mornington a thorough knowledge of fitness, choreography and dance as well as a genuine desire to see her students reach their peak in terms of fitness and confidence. Davina’s strong human relations emphasis ensures that she has the industry savvy and personal drive to achieve her goals, and in turn, those of her students. Most importantly, she aims to make classes entertaining and enjoyable and in doing so, achieves that special synthesis between fitness and fun.

Allira Carey

2016 FRISK - A Sexy Pole Dance Competition 2nd Runners Up

Allira’s love for pole dancing was ignited in 2007. Having danced various styles all throughout school, it was love at first sight upon discovering Pole Divas. Never a fan of the gym, Pole Divas was finally her answer to combining fitness, health and happiness!

Allira shares the pole love by coaching and inspiring her students to achieve strength, skills and self-confidence whilst getting sweaty, feeling sexy and overall having an awesome time …and all in a pair of heels!
Allira is extremely proud to be a Pole Diva and believes all women must try the sexy sport of pole dancing. ‘You’ll have so much fun you’ll forget you’re exercising’… but she warns, ‘Pole dancing is addictive; health and happiness may result!’

Allira’s addiction to dancing upside down began in 2007 at Pole Divas. When Aerial Divas originated it was her chance to join the circus! Allira developed an immediate passion for aerial hoop and now loves passing that on to her students. She says; ‘The best part about Aerial Divas is now everyone can run away to the circus! We can all experience how fun it is to dance, spin and fly in the air!’ Allira ensures her students are gaining strength, fitness and flexibility from their aerial hoop workout and most importantly are happy and having fun!


Maddy Filosa

Maddy was born a performer! With over 18 years of experience in dance with styles such as jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet and cheerleading she wanted to try something new and exciting, when she took her first class at Pole Divas with the fabulous Davina and swears she will never look back! Maddy has always loved exercising and lives a busy lifestyle presently working as a qualified personal trainer/gym instructor, kids swim teacher and in childcare, and is now very proud and excited to be part of Pole Divas!
She wants to pass on her enthusiasm and love of dance to her students so they can feel sexy and confident with themselves. In her words 'I'm Addicted to Pole dancing because it's the only sport where you can wear short shorts and stripper heels and still get an amazing workout while feeling sexy and having fun!'


Sarsha has been a Pole Divas instructor for 8 years. Recently returned from the birth of her finest creation, her beautiful baby boy Ace, Sarsha is looking forward to meeting her new students with her friendly, welcoming and energetic personality.

Sarsha has had a long love affair with fitness, health and well being and completed two Bachelor degrees. Sarsha is a Pole Divas student turned instructor who has passed every level in static Pole Dancing classes. Her classes are fun and enjoyable, ensuring her students enjoy a smooth transition into the world of pole. Trying many forms of fitness in the past, she loves the strength, flexibility and overall total body workout that Pole Dancing can provide, and believes there is nothing better for a fit toned body than pole dancing. Sarsha loves watching the transformation of her students bodies, confidence and fitness, and says those elements, plus the laughs and giggles along the way, are the most rewarding aspect of being a Pole Divas Instructor. She aims to help all her students feel happy, strong and confident in themselves, and become Pole Divas for life!!



Emma has been dancing since the age of 3, covering a vast range of dance styles over the years including; ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and aerobics. Most recently adding pole dancing to the list. Emma joined Pole Divas Mornington in 2011 and has loved it ever since. It wasn’t long until a pole found home in Emma’s art studio amongst her paints and textiles. Emma is currently in her third year of a Bachelor Arts in Textile Design. Her love for costumes and all things magical ties in well with dance culture. Emma thinks Pole dancing is a great way to stay fit amongst like-minded girls, it gives you a chance to have a boogie and exercise at the same time. Emma wants to share the fun, enjoyment and feeling of mastering new tricks and routines with others.

Lauren Rui - Aerial Divas Instructor

Miss Pole Dance Victoria Finalist 2013 & 2014, Rising Stars Finalist - Pole Art 2013 & Circus Art 2015, Encore Performer - Doubles 2014, Victorian Pole Championships Finalists - Solo & Doubles 2014

Lauren’s love of pole dancing started back in 2006, and was followed by hoop in 2011 as one of Aerial Divas’ first students. Lauren has a strong background in music performance and loves to dance. She has an incredible stage presence and has competed regularly in both pole and aerial, working her way up from amateur to professional level competitions.Mel

Lauren is proof that you don’t need a gymnastics or dance background to excel as a Pole and Aerial Diva. She loves nothing more than a studio full of smiling sweaty faces; watching students make friends, and come out of their shells in her classes.


 Mel - Aerial Divas Instructor

With an extensive background in Calisthenics and mainstream dance, Mel has over 20 years dance and performance experience. But it was only in 2013 when she walked into her first Aerial Divas class that she feels she truly found her artistic niche. Since discovering Aerial Hoop, Mel has never looked back. Aerial hoop has rekindled her passion for dance and performance and she loves that she is now able to combine all her skills and experience into one art form.

Mel aims to pass on her passion for Aerials and dance to as many students as possible by creating a fun, supportive and positive environment where self-empowerment and fitness thrive.

Relevant achievements:
Rising All Stars Winner – Doubles 2017
Australian Aerial Awards – Lyra Performance of the Year 2016 (Doubles)
Aerial Unleashed – Doubles Winner 2016
Aerial Unleashed – Intermediate Solo Winner 2015
Aerial Unleashed – Beginner Solo Winner 2014


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