Prahran Instructors

Lou Landers

Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2015 - 2nd runner up, Paragon Professional Finalist 2015, Aerial All Stars Finalist 2014-2015, Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2011 - Winner, Miss Pole Dance Australia 2011/12 Sponsors Choice Award, Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist 2008, 2010-2015,

Lou has been dancing for over 27 years in various different dance styles, but it was in 2006 that she found her love for pole dancing. From starting as a very beginner Lou is now teaching, competing, performing and judging all over the world.
Lou has a passion for dance that she wishes to pass on as many people as possible. Her personality shows through in her classes and up on stage, her style is unique and versatile. She dedicates every day of her life to pole and running her own business with pole products and merchandise. Lou has published her Pole Goals Diary and Journal for the last few years to help encourage and inspire pole people around the world. 
Lou is a proud ambassador for a range of companies in the pole industry such as BadKitty USA for PoleFit; X Pole Australia for their stainless poles; and Pole Physics Australia as an ambassador for sensitive skin.       


Gracie Buntine

International pole champion, 3 time national pole champion and 3 time state pole champion Gracie Buntine is a true dancer and has been involved in the dance industry for over 10 years on numerous levels. Her titles are:
2017/18 1stRU Miss Pole Dance Australia
2017 Pro Pole Art Champion (Pole Theatre Aus 2017)
2016/17 1stRU Miss Pole Dance Australia
2016/17 Miss Pole Dance Victoria Champion
2015/16 2ndRU Miss Pole Dance Australia
2015/16 Miss Pole Dance Asia Pacific Champion
2015 1stRU Aerial All Stars
2014 Aerial All Stars Champion
2014/15 Miss Pole Dance Victoria Champion
2013 Miss Ink Victoria
2013/14 1stRU Miss Pole Dance Australia
2013/14 1stRU Miss Pole Dance Victoria
2013 Professional Victorian Pole Champion
2012 Australian Pole Fitness Champion

Gracie has been a featured pole performer all over the globe and is proudly sponsored by X-Pole, RAWRRR Nutrition, Bling It Heels, Pole Physics, Vertical Fit Poland, Wink Designs and Social Fit Activewear.

Gracie has had features in documentaries, magazines, chat shows, music videos and tv shows. Gracie has become a globally well known and respected performer and instructor within the pole industry and looks forward to a creative future.


Hollie Sheehan

INBA Southern Cross Miss Fitness 30+ Champion 2014, Runner Up INBA Southern Cross Miss Fitness Novice 2014

Hollie is experienced in many forms of dance, and has competed at senior level in varying dance styles, from classical ballet to modern and funk. Stage experience and six years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness instructor means that Hollie brings to Pole Divas a professional edge and strong choreographic skills. She regularly performs at pole divas events and has represented the studio at a state level. In Hollie’s opinion, there is nothing more incredible than being on stage! Yet another graduate from Pole Divas Prahran, Hollie enjoys working with students…watching them develop their confidence, fitness and dexterity. Hollies’ enthusiasm and sense of fun are infectious. Seeing the smiles on students’ faces as their skills develop is testament to her success as an instructor, and consolidates her position as a key member of the Pole Divas team.

Veronica Waite

Victorian Pole Championships 2016 - Sponsors Choice Award, Paragon International Pole Dance Championships Amateur 1st Runners Up 2015, Victorian Pole Championships Professional 2nd Runner Up 2014, Australian Pole Championships "Best Trickster" Award 2014, Victorian Pole Championships Amateur Winner 2013, Australian Pole Championships Amateur 1st Runner Up 2013, Rising Stars Aerial Winner 2013

From the moment Veronica walked through the door for her first class at Pole Divas, it was love at first pole. She has now been pole dancing for over 3 years and has reached the highest levels of both static and spinning pole classes. Starting out as a shy student, Veronica has built up her confidence and is now a keen performer, competing for the first time on stage at Unleashed 2012 in the Elite category. 

Veronica believes that pole dancing is the best sport for confidence, fitness and of course fun! With her gymnastics background including a broad knowledge from coaching, she has a strong focus on lines, strength and flexibility.


Sophie Neophitou

Sophie brings her knowledge as a previous Pole Divas student to her classes! Sophie joined us a student in 2010 and worked her way up to becoming an instructor after getting Addicted to Pole (as so many of our students are!) Sophie also hopes to make her debut in the competition scene very soon!
Sophie has studied gymnastics and various forms of dance including jazz, tap, ballet and of course pole! As a osteopathy student she has a sound knowledge of human health, movement and fitness.  Sophie wants to share her love for pole with her students and help them fall in love with this incredible form of fitness and dance. 

Lauren Magner

Recent Awards: 2nd Runner Up at Hardcore Pole Championships (Sydney)

Lauren has been pole dancing for about 6 years now and from day one she knew she wanted to become an instructor.
You may have seen her compete and win 2nd Place at the Victorian Pole Championships and 3rd Place at the Australian Pole Championships in Sydney last year, so she is definitely no stranger to the industry.
"It makes me so happy when I see a student smash out a difficult trick for the first time and I love getting to know all my students and helping them in their pole journey as much as I can."


Another Pole Divas alumna, Isobel began pole dancing in 2016 and became addicted straight away! Prior to pole, she was an elite level gymnast for 10 years, competing and placing in all her competitions in Los Angeles, Montreal, South Africa, Hawaii and all around Australia. Her winning streak continued into her pole life, as she was 'sashed' the Intermediate winner in Unleashed 2017. Isobel says she loves pole dancing for so many reasons - not only does it combine her passion for dance, performance and acrobatic skills, but it's like nothing she's done before! Having previously taught gymnastics, Isobel is looking forward to helping others face and overcome challenges, feel good about themselves and just have lots of fun whilst getting fit!

"The pole community, especially at Divas, is the most body positive, supportive and welcoming place I've ever been a part of and I always leave the studio feeling a thousand times better than when I walked in. I also like that it caters for everyone's individuality and you don't have to fit a certain 'mould' to excel, you can just be yourself."


With her background in the circus arts and gymnastics and her work as a personal trainer in an all female gym, Bella is another Dedicated Diva instructor, starting her pole dancing journey with Pole Divas 3 years ago. Her goal is to help her students fall in love with pole dancing, just like she did, and to help them kick pole goals! Bella is passionate about empowering women and loves that pole dancing is a celebration of power, strength, flexibility and confidence. She says that pole has "so many physical benefits, but also countless mental benefits. Pole dancing empowers students to feel confident within themselves and their abilities, and it's all thanks to the incredible environment that Pole Divas creates.


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