Casual Class Pass

Have you heard the news? We listened to YOU and we've added more Class Passes to suit your pole lifestyle!

Introducing the new range of Class Passes:
  • 1 Casual Class = $30
  • 5 Casual Class Pass =$125 SAVE $25 (3 month expiry)
  • 10 Casual Class Pass = $220 SAVE $80 (4 month expiry)
  • 20 Casual Class Pass = $400 SAVE $200 (6 month expiry)

You can use your Class Pass on any scheduled Casual Class on the Timetable (except Open Private - you must be an enrolled student to attend this casual).  For any transactions over $50 you can pay with ZipPay!

Casual classes supplement your course, whether you want to get stronger, increase your flexibility or work on your dance skills we have the casual for YOU! The all round Divas student usually completes 1x Course, 1x Casual and attends Practice Time through an 8 week term - therefore we have created The Complete Package. Read more here!

You will find there is a NEW casual on selected timetables called Dance Conditioning - this is a great casual for those wanting to strengthen their body with intense dance drills! For more information visit the Casual page here!