Divas Dominate

Pole Divas offers highly skilled and specialised pole dance instructors at all 6 locations. There are many options for already skilled pole dance students, like yourself:
~ 8 Week Course: we offer free 15 minute gradings for students who have previous pole dance experience. Our courses are structured with a developed syllabus designed by the incredible Miss Filly. An 8 week course will allow you to progress through the levels!
~ Competition Coaching Package: Due to the success of our Divas among the competition scene we have created a Competition Package for students looking to enter a competition. Our highly skilled instructors are here to help!

What a weekend! I certainly am feeling 'post comp come down' and I didn't even compete. Haha! It was the first biggest weekend of competitions in Australia and we had many Divas representing in all 3 major competitions: Dance Filthy, Survivor Pole Championships and Pole Championship Series at the Arnold Sports Festival.

We are so proud of all our girls who were representing Pole Divas on the weekend. Among their busy lives they throw so many hours into their own training; from amateurs to professionals, there is no doubt that Divas put 100% into any pole dance competition. In saying that, many of our girls were awarded for their efforts:

~ Veronica Waite placed 3rd
~ Intermediate Runner Up 👉🏽 Erica
~ Intermediate Champion 👉🏽 Emma King
~ Advanced 2nd Runner Up 👉🏽 MocDaddy
~ Amateur Elite Runner Up 👉🏽 Emma
~ Amateur Elite Champion 👉🏽 Kristy Lee
Women's Championship Division
~ Miss Filly 1st
~ Mischka 3rd

In the lead up to any competition our girls are encouraged and supported, by fellow Divas and our inspiring instructors. We are huge believers in a strong community here at Pole Divas - every achievement is celebrated! And especially becoming a finalist, placing or winning in any competition is a HUGE deal for our girls. We love to celebrate their 'wins', small or big, with all our love and support. Our instructors carry this passion on as coaches and supporting their students is what they love most! It's great to witness the 'next generation' of pole dancers take the stage, place or win at any competition.

The dedication of our instructors is absolutely insane. Whilst they are training for intense competitions, they commit themselves to their classes and private coaching lessons - let me tell you this adds to many hours in the studio + they have to maintain a stable social life or simply hang out with their furbabs! For them to go on and win extremely competitive competitions, like PCS or Dance Filthy is truly amazing. The mental and physical capacity for them is unbelievable - they carry themselves and their students through any competition! I am in complete owe of all our competing instructors. For Kristy, she runs a whole Pole Divas studio in Caroline Springs - she is nek lev!

Want to join the Divas family? We are here with open arms to achieve any goal you have in mind. Whether you want to get into a competition or progress through our levels, we are here to help you! We have 6 locations in Melbourne you can choose from:
~ Prahran
~ Hampton
~ Moonee Ponds
~ Richmond
~ Caroline Springs
~ Mornington

We offer a trial for new students wanting to 'try before they buy' - 5 classes for only $50. This can include a trial in our beginner courses! See PRICING page for all your options!

We cannot wait to see where 2018 takes our ever so hard working Pole Divas!